Wolf Toss

Wolf Toss 1.4.3

Destroying the piggys' house down


  • Great gameplay
  • 144 levels
  • Impressive visual style


  • In-app purchases for more content

Very good

Wolf Toss is an arcade game similar to Angry Birds with an additional gameplay element.

Gameplay in Wolf Toss consists of shooting the hungry wolf at pigs to eat them. Protected by various structures like brick, hay, and wood, Wolf Toss requires strategic planning and precise aiming. To add to the gameplay, Wolf Toss includes different power-ups that you can use to bypass the defenses of the pigs.

Wolf Toss is a little difficult at first, but the learning curve is gradual and teaches you how to intelligently play the game.

Graphics in Wolf Toss are impressive. The cartoon graphics show off the action easy and the animations are smooth without any glitches. The menu system and actual gameplay differ a bit, but there is a fine polish in the presentation of the game.

Wolf Toss is a great arcade game that mixes different elements and presenting an addictive game.

Wolf Toss


Wolf Toss 1.4.3

User reviews about Wolf Toss

  • by Anonymous

    love it!.
    I love this game so much! It is the only game in which I totally lose track of time. More fun than cut...   More